Loft conversions are everywhere. Their owners benefit from a fantastic boost in useable space, whilst also gaining a significant increase in the value of their property.

It is often desirable to include an additional bathroom in a loft conversion, but what if you’re considering a full ensuite? TIG Excell specialise in this and would love to help plan and install your dream ensuite, no matter how challenging.

Adding an ensuite to a loft conversion requires a bit of careful planning. If your loft conversion currently has no bathroom whatsoever, it’s first important to consider the location of the bathroom on the upper floor. You can keep the costs of your build as low as possible and get the most value from your extension by taking into account which rooms are close to the location of existing water and waste pipes and which rooms will have prioritised access to natural light.

When adding a full size bath into a loft space it’s also vital to consider if the supporting walls underneath the extension can support the weight of water the bath will ultimately contain. This can be overlooked but particularly with older properties it is important to check before construction begins. The same principles apply to the plumbing, can it handle the increased load, or will specially adapted pipes be required? These are the kinds of considerations that are never an afterthought when our expert team handles your project.

Perhaps you’d love an ensuite in your loft conversion but are concerned you wont have the space? Carefully planning and adapting the ensuite can offer plenty of clever solutions. Wall mounted toilets can be used to save valuable inches of wall space and increase the ‘feel’ of the space, as can wall mounted basins. If you’d like a full size bath, the slope of the roof can be used to tuck in the end of the bath and allow you to really get the most out of the space.

If you’re considering an ensuite for your loft conversion, no matter what stage of development you’re at please don’t hesitate to get in touch with TIGExcel for a no-obligation chat. We’d love to make your dream ensuite a reality.

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