At TIG Excell we have renovated and installed many different styles of bathroom over the years, and we get a unique insight into how trends change over time. With that in mind, we thought we’d outline some of the trends we expect to be big this Autumn- they might give you some ideas of your own.

This is just one part of our series that also covers the design of lofts, kitchens and the home in general.


Many people are going for the minimalist approach associated with Scandinavian designs these days. This style is characterised by an emphasis on functionality, use of natural wood and light, open rooms.

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Having a bath in a nice hotel can feel rather opulent- and more and more people are seeking to have this experience in the comfort of their own homes. This boutique style can come in many different timeless designs, with elegant fittings being the unifying factor. Marble is a beautiful natural stone that can really help to carry this look off.


We have been installing many copper accents in bathrooms across London, and they can help to add warmth and elegance to any setting. You could have copper radiators or even a copper bath, but it’s important to complement this metal with other materials, and contrasting it with colours such as slate grey is a must.

Walk-in showers

We have seen the trend for walk-in showers continue this year, and this is perhaps influenced by the trend for hotel-style bathrooms we described above. Practically speaking, walk-in showers are considerably easier to clean than any other showers and have a very contemporary and spacious feel to them. They work great with underfloor heating, as this will evaporate any water droplets on your tiled floor if overspray is likely to happen.

At TIG Excell we can help design any style of bathroom you want and fit it all ourselves, from plumbing to tiling. Not having to source different companies for different parts of the job will save you time and money, along with avoiding the potential for the disastrous errors this can sometimes cause when workmen get their wires crossed.

With so many design ideas on the market these days, it’s a great time to get the bathroom of your dreams, so get in touch today.

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