At TIG Excell we oversee many home renovation projects from the design stage until completion, and over the years we have seen many different trends become popular. In this blog we wanted to outline some of the styles and types of renovation we expect to be big this Autumn.

This is just one part of our series that also covers the design of lofts, bathrooms and kitchens.

Customised space

Years of working on homes in London means we’ve seen all kinds of solutions when it comes to efficient uses of space. Furniture that perfectly fits the shapes and spaces of your home can help with this, and there’s a lot to choose from these days. Avoid compromise by creating custom units and storage that takes advantage of nooks and crannies, which can create space and a bespoke style particular to your home.

Dedicated dining rooms

In the past dining rooms were becoming merged with other rooms like the living room or kitchen, or merged with almost every room in the case of open plan homes. Recently we have undertaken a lot of home renovation projects where the dining room is once again a separate space- great for entertaining friends and family without people getting in the way of the cooking process!

Farmhouse style entryways

The farmhouse style is popular at the moment when it comes to kitchens and other rooms in the home, but we have also built a lot of main halls like this. The functional aesthetic of farmhouse style entryways or even “mud rooms” draw on large, open storage and bench-like seating (which can provide even more storage). Hard wearing flooring can be softened with traditional, welcoming rugs. This style is increasingly being combined with modern heating solutions such as underfloor heating to emphasise that “just got home” feeling.

Internal glazing

This has been a feature in the commercial world for years, but is recently becoming more common in homes. Interior glazing has many benefits. It can allow natural light and views to be ‘shared’ by adjacent rooms, while still offering a degree of soundproofing. When deployed correctly, it can allow light to reach into even the most central sections of the floorplan, and create a sense of space and volume.

Hopefully this blog has given you some ideas to inspire your own home renovation plans. Whether you don’t know where to start or you’ve got it all thought out, TIG Excell can help you get the home you want. Contact us today to find out more.

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