So you’re dreaming of your ideal extension or loft conversion but you’ve hit a snag, the plumbing in your property is old, difficult to access, or already struggles with current demand.

How will it cope with the additional demands of an extension, an extra bathroom, or with pumping water up an extra floor? Thankfully with TIG Excell these these concerns need not be a problem. Our expert plumbers have the highest level of experience installing plumbing in extensions and conversions that many would simply think impossible.

Whether or not your plumbing system actually needs upgrading depends on your particular system and the layout of your extension. A ground floor extension typically requires less plumbing work than a loft extension with an ensuite. Nevertheless the increase in demand can still have a big impact on the plumbing and heating system, potentially even doubling demand if two people will be showering at the same time.

In the case of older boiler systems, an upgrade may actually provide benefits way beyond simply meeting the increased demand of your extension or conversion. Older systems incorporating separate hot and cold tanks take up far more space than their modern equivalents and you may find a replacement actually provides the double benefit of freeing up space as well as providing a more efficient system. Modern boilers provide a huge increase in efficiency over older models, saving considerable amounts of energy and operating quicker than ever before. Options include ‘condensing’ boilers which are modern units equipped to pre-heat water using recycled energy from the waste flue. Contemporary ‘combi’ boilers operate at much higher pressure than their older counterparts and are often ideal for pumping water up an extra floor to a loft conversion.

If you need help navigating the maze of plumbing solutions available for your loft conversion or home extension TIG excell are here to help whatever stage of development you have reached. Why not get in touch today for a free no-obligation chat?

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