There are several ways to go about carrying out work on your home once you’ve decided that you want to make a change. Whatever stage you are at, we can help. Here’s an outline of our usual process.


Get in touch

The first step is always to find out more about your needs. We want to make sure that when we work in your home we understand what it is you want us to do. This means we can then guide you through the whole project. We often start by carrying out a survey to give our thoughts on feasibility and price point. No matter how unusual or specific your needs, we will endeavour to make it happen.

Designing and Planning

Tony will help you get your ideas down onto paper no matter what the scale or developmental stage of the project. We draw plans ourselves or bring on board architects and structural engineers when required. Our experience provides means we can provide vital input to guide viable technical designs. If you already have technical drawings we will make sure they match up with what you’ve got in mind, and what ends up being built.



When we know exactly what you need doing, and what we need to do it, we can give you a fixed price. This is the exact price you will pay for the project. We source from a range of trusted suppliers, so we can find get hold of the best materials at the best price for your project. The fact that we carry out such a wide range of specialist services, from heating, plumbing, and tiling to electrical and structural work, means we can offer a very competitive price by keeping everything in house.

Working in your home

We realise how much trust it takes to let us, not only into your home, but also to change it. One of the many reasons we take so much pride in our results, is that we take care throughout the whole process of getting there. We carry out full safety briefings to ensure the safety of everyone on site and take all the measure necessary to protect your home and ourselves.


Finishing Up

We always finish the job properly. That means making sure everything is in place, functional and completed to your full satisfaction. We can’t emphasise enough how much we want to leave you happy with what we’ve done, we will always do whatever we can to make sure your vision has become reality. And of course we clean up after ourselves.

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