Custom stone sink

This bespoke stone sink is a fine example of the kind of one-off items that we design, commission and fit on behalf of our clients. In some cases, it is impossible to find an off-the-shelf product that will fit the style and function that a client desires. In this situation we cut no corners in providing our Bespoke Masonry Service. We draw on the very best of materials and workmanship to fulfill a surprisingly diverse range of needs.

This sharp, modern design includes on a long wide draining slot in place of a standard plug hole, allowing water to cascade away, not dissimilar to the edge of a waterfall, creating a subtle, internal water feature. This is a style we have seen come into quick popularity but is showing no indications of being a flash trend. The undeniable hardness of a natural stone surface is pleasantly softened by the muted colour palate and mottled pattern. In some cases a sink, especially a custom one, can be a bold statement piece where as here we were able to achieve a stylistic consistency that was understated and coherent. This is a finishing touch that ultimately results in a powerful aesthetic that is difficult to reach with standard, pre-made fittings.

By creating a completely original piece here, we were able to incorporate a lip into the design that perfectly fit the setting. This helps the sink visually integrate with it’s surroundings as well as offering practical protection against leaks or the discolouration that can occur on frequently damp sealant. It’s difficult to achieve this level of continuity with a standard sink, especially when fitting it in a space that has irregular proportions. As you can see, this robust design offers a reassuring sturdiness that is hard to match. With a little care, this modern implementation of a classic material can last many lifetimes, making it a superb long term investment.

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July 19, 2016

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