Tiled wet room installation

One of the key differences between a wetroom and a conventional shower cubicle is the choice in materials. The decision to go for a wetroom removes the need for a shower tray, integrating the tiles of the of the shower area with the rest of the room, giving a more spacious, less compartmentalised feeling. In this case, the simple glass door to the shower area, not needing seals, enhances the open-plan nature of the design.

In any bathroom renovation, the choice of materials and fittings has a huge impact on the final outcome. For this particular project, our in-house, highly qualified electricians were able to contribute to the classic style that the expertly fitted tiles establish. Our designers are able to take into account a range of traditional and modern styles when working on any project, ensuring that our full team has the understanding to execute your vision.


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July 5, 2016

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